About Us

What is Kiniw Management?
Kiniw Management’s prime service is providing Project Managementto First Nation Communities and organizations. With over two decades in this field, we provide various communities with professional experience.

Why “Kiniw”?
The Golden Eagle is respected by First Nations people from coast-to-coast as a symbol of grace, power and intellect; A leader of the skywith the ability to transform itself. It is known as “Kiniw” in the First Nations of Manitoba in acknowledging its prestige. We humbly adopted “Kiniw” for the name of our company, in our commitment to render to First Nations’ serviceswhich has the same characteristics as the Golden Eagle.

Kiniw Management’s Mission
Kiniw Management’s Mission is to be the premiere choice among First Nations seeking management, coachingand planning services. It is also our goal to empower our clients and help their businesses and communities grow successfully by sharing our expertise gained over decades of experience.